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Thread: PC game files on Mac

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    PC game files on Mac
    Hey guys.
    I have a non-modded xbox and would love to use Action Reply to update my rosters for games. The problem cpu is a Mac. Does anyone know how to work around this problem? It can't be that uncommon.

    I'm thinking of maybe using a program called Virtual PC which would open the files on my Mac, but my question is,...would Action Replay even connect to my Mac? What does it use? USB?

    Any help would really, really be appreciated.


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    I'm not an expert in the subject but could you explain, probably not just for me, the terms:

    non-modded xbox,
    Action Reply,
    And what you mean by "What does it use?"

    I think that this is going to be quite a problem as you can probably imagine the xbox is going to be very configured for Windows. I don't know from experience but I've heard that Virtual PC is pretty crappy and it's very expensive, 230. You could get a really cheap old PC for that and save yourself a lot of hassle. So I think that you should probably veto that idea, as it's really not worth it.

    Have you searched the net for a download or a patch to enable your xbox to connect to your Mac?

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    A non-modded Xbox is a Xbox without mod-chip, aka an original Xbox. :cool:

    But I really have no clue about the rest he's asking...

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    you do not need to open the files, you just put them on your action replay and run them, and yea it is USB, but if you want to copy the game on your xbox the AR is to small to do that, you have to FTP strait to the box, if you have an questions you can AIM me jesusishappinen

    and for all of you who are confussed, an action replay is a memory card for the xbox that you can also connect to your computer, so you can take files from your comp such as game mods and what not and put them on your xbox, and you do not need a mod chip to have a moded xbox, i used an action replay to mod my xbox, and i love it, i can back up games on the HD so i do not need a CD to play them, and you can do alot more

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