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Thread: Am I stupid?

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    Am I stupid?
    I've been looking for an inexpensive Mac for my mother. I was at a music store today and they were selling the Unused display Mac Mini for $250, but mentioned they would include the box and etc. I didn't take it! Thinking it wasn't much of a deal, but upon further reflection, I feel I made a big mistake. Should I beat myself up?

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    Yes, you are a very dumb person. You should beat yourself up. Better yet, you should throw yourself in front of the first moving car you see.

    J/K btw. No actually you did the right thing I mean if you haven't done research on the subject before how would you know? It is not smart to just buy on impulse all the time. Sometimes we turn down offers we really don't know are good until ity is too late but that will also keep you from getting ripped off too in the longrun.

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    Plus it could have been an old Mac Mini with only 256MB and no airport and bluetooth.

    As sursuciofia says - it is much better to research things first before taking the plunge.


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    Like was already said, you are far from Stupid as you did not know, but that said, Even with 256Megs it was a pretty good deal but I have seen Mini's for not much more than that at the Apple OnLine Store. Look under the Refurbished section most of the way down the page. If you get a Referbished one from Apple it has the full waranty and probably come with the latest version of OSX called Tiger.

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    Good Idea! Thanks

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    Apple sells the original no-option 1.25Ghz mini as a Refurb for $380 still. If it was me, and I had the cash, I would have picked it up. It could have been sold on Ebay for a small profit but worth the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lil
    Plus it could have been an old Mac Mini with only 256MB and no airport and bluetooth.
    I really don't know if is mother is going to need things like that!

    Mate you did the right thing. Buying on impulse can 9 out of 10 times be a bit stupid. I also don't know how much I'd trust a music store with an x display, a computer shop maybe but not a music store. You should defiantly check out the online refurbished store. Apple check everything before they sell it on. And better still they know what to check!

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    well it was a musical instrument store in the all the music synthesier section, like where the mixers were and everything, so I mean they were selling other macs cause apparently macs are the best for musical composition. (I most definatly agree!)

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