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Thread: Newegg?

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    what happened to the macintosh section in ? i was going to buy a 100 gb hard drive for my ibook. . .

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    Newegg is the devil. tttttttttt

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    hmm, never knew they had a specific section just for macs. (must of just missed it) :p

    i guess they just figured customers can find what they need in the others sections since a mac uses the same computer components a PC does. (mostly)

    they still have a mac application area though.
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    You can actually buy a 2.5" hard drive for either a mac or a pc. a hard drive is a hard drive is a hard drive.

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    pretty much any Modern 2.5" drive should work. The main thing with the iBook is the thickness. Someone pointed that out in another thread I believe. The drives I showed you in IRC that night all should work.

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