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    differences between classic and full os 9 install?
    Being new to Macs and dealing with some issues as they come up, I was wondering if there were any differences between a full OS 9 install and the Classic app that comes on the Addtional Software disk in the OS X package? Should all OS 9 software run in Classic mode while in OS X? Thanks

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    A natively installed OS9 uses, like a real OS, direct hardware resources, with it's own driver and all.
    Running OS9 in the Classic environment is similar to VirtualPC. OS9 "acts" like if it was natively installed, but hardware accesses is emulated by the Classic environment.
    So what comes as Classic with every new Mac mainly is a full OS 9, but without all the necessary hardware driver, as they are not needed, and for newer hardware the driver simply aren't available.

    Even if you have a full retail OS9, it can't boot on any newer Mac.

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