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    reinstalling classic
    After having problems with Classic, I deleted all Classic related files and folders to completely remove it from the disk. I then popped in the "Additional Software & Apple Hardware Test" disc and ran the app. During the installing, at the point where it said it was "Processing Classic support" and "writing files", and there was less than 1 minute remaining, the install automatically quit and I recevied an error message saying "there were errors installing the software."

    Last week a user of this mac attempted to boot to OS X and got the following:

    /etc/master.passwd: Not a directory
    /etc/master.passwd: Not a directory
    -sh: /etc/profile: Not a directory

    He then started up from a Norton SystemWorks CD in 9, but attempting to
    switch to X again yielded the same error. One try booting from the Apple OSX CD also produced the above shell text message.

    That's when I took over. I was able to boot into OS X once again. But networking and Classic wouldn't function. So I removed Classic and tried to reinstall it, and that's where I'm at right now.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

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    I should add that I booted from the "Additional Software & Apple Hardware Test" disc to attempt to run the Apple Hardware Test. I received the following message:

    No PMU or SMU found err: -2539
    Initialization error -2539
    **then what appeared to be some copyright, or similar, info**
    Open Firmware 3.1.1
    Type mac-boot to continue
    I typed mac-boot, hit return, and I received a frozen screen with the following:


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