Background: Mac G3 normally runs under OS X with QuarkXPress 4.1 in Classic mode. Quark acted up last week, so I restarted as usual and with only QXP open I got an Out Of Memory warning. I then changed the startup disk to OS 9 and this helped Quark to function (so I could finish my work!). But ultimately I wanted to be back in OS X so I
switched the startup disk back to OS X. That's when this message appeared:

/etc/master.passwd: Not a directory
/etc/master.passwd: Not a directory
-sh: /etc/profile: Not a directory

I found some instructions on the Apple support site and followed them for fixing that issue. I can now successfully boot to OS X.

New issue: I can't launch Classic from OS X. Each time I've tried to launch it the progress bar shows very minimal progress and it never moves. I attempted to repair the permissions for both OS 9 and OS X, but that didn't help. I also noticed that I cannot connect to my network since getting OS X running again. I was hoping that someone might have an idea of what to do before I just gave up and reinstalled OS 9. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.