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    Let's talk TRASH!
    I have tons of things in my trashcan hundreds of MB's, just how much trash is to much before I should empty it? Does leaving it there cause problems? I'm always worried, I just may want to keep that image or junkmail or what ever, I guess I can call myself a pacrat..I mean "Macrat" lol
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    i always clear mine out when i am done purging stuff. it still takes up room on your hard drive if it stays in your trash.

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    I put it in the trash and delete it right away.

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    Yeah, really... what is the point of putting it in the Trash if you aren't going to empty it??
    Why not just make a folder and call it "Old Stuff" or something and just keep it there?
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    i contstantly put things in the trash.. i tend to only empty it once a day normally before i go to bed, its a pain in the but emptying it every time i put something in it.
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    I empty it like once a month. It's normal for me to have at least 5GB in the trash. I do the same for my bedroom too.

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    i work with a lot of DV, and limited storage, so i keep what i need and the rest goes into the trash. Sometimes up to 30 Gb in trash.... man oh man i wish I could pick up one of those dual 500Gb G5 boxes.

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