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    can't escape from windows

    i've a network at home with an imac two ibooks and a pc.
    my eldest daughter is studying law, and alot of her stuff is
    web based like templates tutorials and stuff. the other month
    i was thinking of getting rid of the xp machine and being a pc free zone.

    then my daughter gets all this new work to do which can be viewed
    but not edited on a mac. all this template stuff like adding images files and stuff can only be done on a pc, just as well i did'nt get rid of it.

    will we ever be able to be totally mac only or are we mac users
    in a pc world ad infinitum?


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    what kind of files is she working with? i think it's fair to say that just about any file that comes from a pc can bed edited on a mac. you just have to have the tools to do so.

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    thanks for your interest
    i'm gonna have a look and post back.

    they put a footnote on the site saying u
    need to be on a pc to edit???

    i'll get back with what type of files they use


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