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Thread: It's so spooky...

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    It's so spooky...
    Why do Hotels/Motels have Holy Bible in the drawers? To keep ghosts away?

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    The bibles are usually supplied by "The Gideons".
    A World wide Christian organisation and they have very little to do with ghosts :-)
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    Some hotel in bigger cities have other religious books as well.

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    but why putting there?

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    That whole spread the word thing. You reach a lot of people through little effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexN
    but why putting there?
    Follow the link torchy gave you.

    The emergence of more than 2,000,000 readers in the world each week creates an unprecedented need for reading material. This offers a challenge to Christians to supply the tremendous void by making available God's Word. This is a primary function of The Gideons, placing and distributing Bibles and New Testaments in the human traffic lanes and streams of national life. Gideons as laymen, stand shoulder to shoulder as "missionaries" of local churches and their pastors in going to the four corners of the world to win others for the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Annually, The Gideons International is placing and distributing more than 63,000,000 Scriptures worldwide. To God be the glory! This averages one million copies of the Word of God placed every six days, or 120 per minute!
    And for what it's worth, there are people out there who may be put off by your characterization of this practice as "spooky."

    As for me, I'm agnostic to the whole thing. :-)

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