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Thread: Member running the Tough Mudder for the Wounded Warrior Project

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    Member running the Tough Mudder for the Wounded Warrior Project
    Hello everyone!

    Without being self-serving at all I hope that you take a few minutes to read through my post to follow. There is a major fundraising event coming up that I am participating in and I would greatly appreciate any support!

    As some of you know, I am captaining Team Rickshaw running the Tough Mudder on November 13th at Englishtown Raceway, NJ. We have all been training hard over the last several months and I thought I would check in and give all of you a little more background on what the Tough Mudder is, who Team Rickshaw is, why we are doing this to ourselves, and what we are asking of you.

    In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, the Tough Mudder is the toughest one-day endurance event on the planet. Twelve miles, thirty-five military-“esque” obstacles. I say military-“esque” because the Marines never made me run through a field of fire (except for that whole oil well mess), or a maze of 10,000 volt wires hanging down and zapping my privy parts. Of course there was that little tazing event during SERE training back in ‘90…John? Paul? Does that bring back memories? The British SAS designed this course, so maybe they’re still a little peeved about that whole “Revolution” spat we had a little while back.

    So why are we putting ourselves through this?

    Team Rickshaw is running the Tough Mudder for more than a few reasons, but first and foremost we are raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project.
    This amazing organization has helped our returning heroes meet their specific and unique needs after returning home injured from the battlefield. The WWP's help has made coming home and re-acclimating to life as Wounded Warriors immeasurably better for thousands of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and their families. Our hats are off to their efforts. Semper Fi.

    Read more about them here:

    Home - Wounded Warrior Project

    Team Rickshaw is also, very importantly, running in honor of our teammate Paul's brother, Dan Suplee, who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2006. Dan was an Army Cavalry Scout who was revered, respected, and beloved by all who crossed his path, and he is missed greatly. You can visit Team Rickshaw’s page to learn a little more about him here:

    I thought it would be good to let everyone get to know the team a little bit.

    Team Rickshaw is honored to have Patrick, one of Dan’s Army running mates from Cavalry Scouts, on our team. Patrick is flying in from the West Coast to run with Team Rickshaw if that says anything about the bonds of brotherhood. Welcome aboard and thank you!

    It really does seem that Scouts die-hard. We’ve also picked up a couple of firefighter friends (as well as fellow Triumph track day freaks) from Philly, at least one of whom I am sure are also former Cavalry Scouts. Terry, Tom, and Max, thank you so much for being part of the team!

    Of course, Paul and I are Scouts as well, so Scouts Out Mudder Tucker! We do have one more important Scout on the list but he is currently on the injured roster. John is a retired Marine CWO who Paul and I had the pleasure of serving with in Scout Platoon back in the early ‘90’s. John, you’re the man! Are you directly under the moon at this time? Hope you’re healing up well bro, and at are least able to come up and cheer everyone on.

    Brian is another former Army dog from Gulf War times, and a friend from my days in the restaurant biz here in NYC. Rajah is also a friend from the restaurants here in NYC. Brian is a personal trainer here in the city, and a dad with a heart of gold. Rajah is our sole female teammate, awesome mom, and an accomplished marathon runner. Team Rickshaw is honored to welcome them both, and is fully expecting them kick all of our old asses up and down the obstacle course.

    And lastly, my good friend Kui, who is about as hardcore as they come. One of my first motorcycling buds from years ago, Kui is as tough as nails but as good and giving a person as there ever was. Thanks for being an integral part of this team bro!

    That is, ladies and gentlemen, Team Rickshaw. A bunch of old men (and not so old men and women…) putting their bodies through ... once again to raise money for a good cause, to pay our respects to our fallen heroes, and to simply prove to ourselves that we still can because that’s the kind of sh...schtuff that we like to do. Oh yeah, and there’s beer at the finish line too.

    So far we have raised a little over $3000 with the help of many of Team Rickshaw's friends. Our goal is to raise at least $5000 by event time on November 13th.

    I know that times are tough and many of us are barely scraping by, but if you can give just $5 to help a returning service member…every dollar goes to them.

    If every one of my friends here gave just $5, we would obliterate our $5000 mark and significantly impact the lives of just that many more returning veteran heroes.

    So please, if you can, click on the link below and make a donation. Whatever you can afford is more than welcome and is more than enough. Team Rickshaw is not leaving anyone behind, and we’re not stopping until we’ve all completed the last obstacle, our nuts are on fire, and we’ve chugged that tasty beer at the finish line.

    Team Rickshaw is going to start together, and we’re going to finish together. Help us to help others who have paid a far greater price than we have to secure our country’s safety, liberty, and freedom.

    Semper Fidelis and Scouts Out Mudder Tucker!

    Chad 'Chud' Parson

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    Just in case you were wondering.

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