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    Front Row will this lead to an Apple Home Media Centre?
    have to say this looks like a great app to finally offer us Mac users a decent, and Apple created, solution to playing media files on our telly or hi-fi.

    Except it appears from Apple's websdite that Front Row is only available with the brand new iMac. This must be a mistake!

    Surely, with this software, it's now time for a proper Apple badged Home Media Centre? All we need is a large hard-drive with wired/wireless connectivity (to link to another Mac if required), remote sensor to control it with Apple's own new remote control, and the relevant connections at the back to hook it up to a TV and/or hi-fi system. It could even be a stripped-out Mac Mini for all I care!

    Or are Apple going to just wait on this while we consumers try to cobble something together using an iPod and universal dock? It's not quite the same and obviously doesn't utilise the fancy new Front Row software.

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    If Apple would release all the necessary stuff (IR-receiver for the remote and Front Row software) for any other Mac as well, it would take the focus off the new iMac, thus it would sell less.
    It might be possible though that they will do it in future, but definitely not right now.

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