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    Stolen MacBook Pro...I have IP address of location

    New to forum here, and I am looking for any help that I can get. My home was broken into last Friday, and I lost about 6k worth of stuff, including my MacBook Pro 15". I am most upset about this, but luckily had Carbonite online backup that saved all of my kid's pictures and videos.

    I called Carbonite to put a freeze on the account, to keep it from being erased, and found out a little more info that I thought. They were able to give me an IP address to where my computer last updated. That was the last update my computer had, last Friday, so I think that they have erased everything.

    With the IP address, which is Comcast in Memphis, TN, what can I do? Or better yet, what can you do?

    I also have my box which has the following info: AirPort ID and Ethernet ID (MAC address?).

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    Ummm, call the Memphis city police!
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    Quote Originally Posted by iggibar View Post
    Ummm, call the Memphis city police!
    +1 i dont know why you wouldnt be on that allready.
    60% of the time it works every time.

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    i downloaded MacKeeper the other day. Against the advice of certain members here. i started the download before receiving negative things about it. my bad, but anyway, one of the things that it says it does is that once you report your mac stolen it activates a sort of theft mechanism and the next time the computer is booted up, it snaps a photo of the person using it via iSight and sends it to you online...

    nifty i thought. sorry doesn't really help you though. I would suspect that people can mess with the ip address also.

    good luck!

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