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Thread: Mac G3 233

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    Mac G3 233
    I'm trying to re-install MacOS on this above machine just got it for next to nothing maybe thats the reason the it won't boot from the CD ? I know the CD is bootable and that when at the Mac 8.0 desktop it reads the content of the CD. So the CD powers up and is read by the existing Mac when at the desktop.

    anyone know or help me out on this problem ? I knowPC have a BIOS settings which allow a CD to be the first one to boot but how does Macs work ?

    Many thanks

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    Pop the CD in, restart and as you do hold down the 'C' key.

    'C' to boot from CD-ROM.

    You will hear the CD eventually boot instead of the hard disk.

    Vicky :flower:

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    Thanks Vicky. I'll give it a try once I get home from work.

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    Thanks again it worked.

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