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    Angry email virus thing that i hate
    I keep getting these emails that give me advice about some company. And then have some crazy Charles Manson writing at the bottom that makes no sense at all. The email address is always different. The sender is always some generic chicks name, so I think I'm getting an email from some hotty, then I'm all like, fudge. I think I get one of these emails a day.

    Could somebody please help me. Or kill the person that started this junk.

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    I would say thats a spam e-mail not a virus, who is your e-mail through?

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    just set up a spam filter for it

    Apple, think different

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    The other guys are right-- you're receiving spam, not viruses.

    You need to use your email provider's spam filtering option, and if that feature isn't available (and I can't imagine an email provider who doesn't use spam filtering these days) you should find one. Even Yahoo and Hotmail have spam filtering.

    My private email address is through an ISP that I've used since the old days of dialup. These guys have a great spam-blocking feature-- check out the image of stuff that wasn't delivered to me because they blocked it. And that's in a space of less than 4 hours!

    (And sorry, I did this on my PC not my Mac. :-) )
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