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    Help With Tiger Install???

    So my fiancee just bought a new powerbook and has Tiger on it. She did not purchase the family bundle for Tiger, but they sales guy told us we could install from her disc's onto my powerbook since we live in the same household. The disc is saying it won't install. I called Mac and they said there is copyright protection on the disc so it won't let me...but I am thinking that there has be be a way around that and around having to spend another 150 bucks on the same software we just bought on her new powerbook. Any help???

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    Did you buy it from an Apple Store or from a reseller? I can't imagine a person at the Apple Store telling you you could use the restore disc on another machine like that.

    I would go back to the place where you bought the PowerBook and find the guy who told you this could be done, and have him explain how to get around it. (Perhaps with a free/disounted copy of Tiger.)

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    If you could just provide a little more information. What are the specs for both you and your fiance's powerbooks? The factory discs for the powerbooks do appear visually to support only the type of powerbook that they shipped with, however if the models are the same i dont see the CD being suffisticated enought to enforce copy protection in that case.

    It may not suppport, for example, installation from an Aluminum PowerBook to a Titanium one. If you see what I am getting at. Boxed CD's should install on all recent hardware.

    In the end though the pirating of software even in the same household is usually frowned upon in these types of forums. sorry to be so lame. support apple if you can afford it.

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