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    Power Outage Causes
    A relative just emailed me telling me they need some help, so I thought I'd post her situation to hear everyone's input on this...

    She had a slight power outage/spike, not even long enough to shut off her mac. Her internet goes through a router to her mac via ethernet, and then also to a PC via ethernet. She also has a printer connected to the router via ethernet.

    After the spike, her internet on the mac would not work. She switched the slot the mac was plugged into on the router to the other free one, and the internet then worked. However, she can not print to her printer anymore, and her PC's shared drives aren't showing up under her network on the mac. We had never been able to get the PC set up to see the mac (although the mac had previously been able to see the PC), Virus software prevented that from working.

    The router was the only thing not connected to a surge protector.

    I have a feeling the router is fried. I can't imagine it's the mac, as there is no reason a power spike would change settings. What do you all think?

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    Question: Does to router include a print server built in?
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    I to think its the router?

    Are other computers having problems with internet, etc.?

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    definately tthe router, try hooking the mac up to the other ports and see if it works. it is also possible that the nic's on all the other equipment got zapped.

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