Hi Folks:
I'm relatively new to the MAC world (worked in the Windows arena for the last 25 yrs, recently bought 2 MACs - had them a few months) - and I'm thrilled to be here. But as a newbie, I have lots of (what might be viewed as ) dumb questions.

Tonite's question is the following. I have about 80Gb of photographs that I currently back up to an external hard drive using BounceBack Professional. However, I'd love to, every now and then, spend the time and back up all the photos to DVD using the DL DVD hardware in the PowerMac G5 that I'm using.

What software do you use, or should I use to do this? I'm open to all suggestions. something that comes with Tiger? Or some 3rd party software?

Anxious to hear your thoughts.

Thanks. Dennis