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Thread: Victim of downsizing...

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    Victim of downsizing...
    Sadly I found out today my job in the AppleCentre where I worked is, well, gone. Seems like the business wishes to go in another direction retail wise, god knows where.

    Oh well... it was nice while the dream lasted!


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    bummer, always room for other dreams though ..good luck!
    I started using PS from finding this forum and all the help I have gotten here thru the years is immeasurable
    thank you MacForums and all it's members

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    Sorry to hear that. Good luck to you in future endeavors.
    Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain!

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate that! :flower: I am still a bit down in the dumps over it, especially when I found what to the letter looks like my old job on the agency's website I got the job through originally. I hope there isn't more to this than meets the eye.

    So it is indeed a bummer for me, but no point in being too down in the dumps for too long about it, once I find something else (doesn't even have to be computer, let alone Apple related) I'll look back with hindsight and think what was I moping about! It will be a shame that I will likely have to use a Windows computer which isn't *that* bad it's just I'm a bit of a doofus on Windows, I do silly things like Ctrl + Click for the right mouse and start wondering where my Apple menu went :flower:

    Maybe I'll sneak Basillisk II on it and load Word 5.1 on there and Alt Tab when the boss isn't looking hehe!!

    I am of course kidding around. It was a bit of luck me finding this particular job I had, and my luck at this one ran out. Either way, it won't be my last fling with working with Apple computers, I have a number of tricks up my sleeve that may involve some of my own enterprise.

    After all, I'm 22, I know my Macs, about time I start putting some of it to use :flower:

    I have an idea of maybe doing some digital painting classes/tutoring with Corel Painter, or maybe some classes, Macs for switchers or something. I'll think of something, they're a bit pie in the sky but may as well try! :flower:


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    Keep on pluggin' Vicky, you'll find something that more than likely fits you better than that which you lost. I'll pray for you.

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    Sorry to here that Vicky you are always an awesome source when people need help, you'll be a loss to the company for sure.

    Keep on plugging, a Mac for switcher project wouldn't be that bad of an idea, I could probably still use it :p

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