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    Rookie Question: IBook vs. Power Book
    I'm moving into a freelance life. I am also moving into the world of Macs from high powered massive corporate PC networks. My job consists of me searching the net all day long. I went into the Apple store today in Soho. Now, it could have been my imagination but I did notice an appreciable difference in speed between the Powerbook and IBook. I now the PB is technically faster but is it that noticeable or was I imagining this because I'm afraid of getting shortchanged with the IBook. Again, new to the world of Macs and somewhat skittish. So ideally, if there is anyone out there who works on-line as part of their job, any advice on PowerBook vs. IBook would be helpful.

    Thanks mucho.


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    Powerbook is high performance in cpu intensive work (heavy video editing, large graphics, etc). There's a higher bus speed, more RAM, and more powerful graphics card. If your work relies on just the internet, the browser capabilities are the same whether its a Powerbook or an iBook. An iBook would, in this case, be very suitable for your needs

    P.S. - Powerbooks are some sweet machines though :p

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    Thanks. And this is what people tell me but I could have sworn I felt a difference in speed, of course it could have just been how quickly my fingers danced over those aluminum keys.

    Thanks again.

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