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Thread: Great Story... longish though...

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    Great Story... longish though...
    The set up:
    So, I got my first Mac last December (12in PowerBook 1.33 etc) and I absolutely love it, what a great little machine! A few weeks ago my friend Jason purchased an iBook 800Mhz with maxed out ram a 4 gig mini and apple optical mouse + iPod Assesories for about 475 from his old roomate/friend of ours... (pretty nice deal i thought!). It was his first laptop ever and first Mac too and he absolutley loves it.

    The setting:
    The other night we were frequenting our regular coffee shop (don't worry coffee is to generally sit at a different table/laptops come out when the drinking is done!). So it's me and my two friends reading/working/surfing myspace like good little d-bags, when my friend Erin spies this girl she kinda knows sitting alone with her laptop and invites her to sit with us. She tells us she is waiting for a friend and he'd be here soon. Ok so five people at our little table neat. fun. grand. I am going about my business when this kid walks in.

    The kid:
    Chunky and ackward and kinda skitzy. Whatever. I don't know him. I try to make some convo with him and go back to my surfing (hang ten). He puts head phones on and surfs on his SWWWEEEET DELL. r0xx0r!

    The disaster:
    "Hey check this out" I hear the kid say in a wheeze. He moves his lappy and I hear clank! And feel a rush of hot effing coffee spill onto my knee!!! I had no idea he was drinking anything, if i did i would have either asked him to move it/moved myself/put away my baby. The spills rushes like a horizontal avalance across the left corner of my powerbook and direct hit to Jason's ibook's vents.

    The kicker:
    "Heh, I guess I got good aim huh?" Then he moves his laptop away from the wreck and keeps his headphones on and continues to surf!!! Everyone is scrambling for napkins and towels (even the staff was on it).

    It gets better:
    "I guess it's your fault for getting ripped off and buying a crappy apple! You kinda deserve it for getting an expensive machine!" And he laughs some more. He didn't even feel bad/remorse/sorry. His headphones didn't even come off. Nor did he move so the damage control could take care of the situation.

    I am the Service Manager for the repair division of the company i work for. I don't know too much about computers, but i know a good amount, especially about spill damage (i see it all the time). And i especially know warranty inside and out and service... spills are devastating. My computer seems to be ok... neither machine powered off (until we turned them off). Looks like mine is going to be alright... the spill didn't splash onto mine, just ran under it... but i also know it can take months for corrison to destroy a board/if there is some evidence of spill on the board and i need warranty work that could be unrelated... ... ... warranty could be void.

    I am just at a loss for words. I wish i would have seen the kids coffee behind the computers. And i am really worried about my lil buddy's computer... he got it way worse.

    I don't know what i should do... like i said i think i got really lucky, my laptop was *barely* wet at all. And nothing seemed to get inside it... but still it doesn't help my buddy. I do know how to track that kid down too......

    Plus now i am paranoid!!!! Ugh!
    To think i almost bought an ipod too last night... that would have been disaster.

    Also my $250 phone got soaked... err... it just smells bad...

    Sorry this was so long... i am just so frustrated/worried.

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    you should have punched him in the grill

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    I would of popped him one right in the face

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    Quote Originally Posted by MightyMac
    you should have punched him in the grill
    i second this! he was suck an ***** about it!! thats what makes me most mad about it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_Gates
    I do know how to track that kid down too......
    How are you going to track down the kid? Can he be held responsible legally or are you going to pursue justice behind closed doors?

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    How are you going to track down the kid? Can he be held responsible legally or are you going to pursue justice behind closed doors?
    i perfer my own brand of renegade justice... much akin to Lorenzo Lamas and his brand of justice... from his syndicated tv series named "Renegade"

    both computers seem to be fine... for now at least. sigh...

    maybe i am just envious of the 2 year old Dell laptop he had... i mean it did have a blue lcd cover...

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