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    The Evincar
    Talking Itopia
    Itopia is the beginning of something great. Itopia is not just another Forum board, it is much more. Itopia is the first attempt at the creation of a virtual nation.

    Why become a Nation? In today's world one often finds themselves a mere spectator to the politics that guide our world into the future. But why is this? It is because until now there was nowhere for the everyday man to go. Well now there at Itopia. We are a voice in an everchanging world, a comment on society that may someday shape or sway international issues and events. This is an enviornment where anyone can be a politician, where votes and a public opinion can be quickly gathered and represented. Itopia is opensource politics. It did wonders for the encyclopedia, why not the Nation?

    Itopia works under the principle of Dual Citizenship, so you will be a citizen of Itopia in addition to your current citizenship. Anyone may be a member of Itopia, regardless of nationality, race, social class, age etc.
    And in case there is any question, they're completely serious.

    I signed up out of pure curiousity and boredom...and I'm putting my efforts wholeheartedly towards this weird, pseudo-iPod/internet nation.

    I hope to form the IRB, the Itopia Red Brigade! DOWN WITH THE INFIDELS! Or maybe the Itopian Nihilist Army!
    Then I'll sieze power in a dictatorship and begin the mass genocide!

    Note: Itopia can be found here

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    it is against our forums rules to advertise for other forums.

    I am sorry but I myself am not joining, I am confortable here on mac-forums even though mac-forums and Itopia have nothing to do with each other, on these forums you can have a political disscusion, tell everybody on the boards that you are eating pudding at the moment of your digression or anthing else you would like to say in the anything goes forums, then you can also go elsewhere on the boards and get technical support on almost any mac problem you could possibly ever have and therefore I am going to have to say that I am not interested in joining your forums, I am sorry but good luck in your quest to find new people to join your site.
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    Seems a nice idea. I'm going to participate, if only to find out how the idea pans out. It'll be a interesting concept, hopefully more.

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    Seems to me that something like a forum, when taken too seriously, could be a problem but hey you never know. Have fun out there, I'll stick with defending the country I AM a citizen of, The United States of America.
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    The Evincar
    I am sorry but good luck in your quest to find new people to join your site.
    Ewww, wait, this isn't my site. :/
    I sort of just joined for the amusement factor (like as a government simulation game ) and felt like sharing the pseudo-ridiculousness of it with you guys.

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    This somehow reminds me of a chapter of Family Guy...

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