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Thread: Blank CD'S

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    Blank CD'S
    Are any brand/type of blank cd's compatible with macs?

    Also, why doesn't Tiger have any basic CD burning utilities?

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    Any brand of CDR will work on the Mac; it's all up to your personal preference which to use. People tend to get religious about brands, so take that into consideration when you get recommendations.

    I use whatever I get on sale at Fry's or Costco, which are big discount stores here in the US: right now I'm in the middle of a spindle of TDK CDRs and they're fine. I've used Sony, Maxell, Verbatim, and Imation in my iBook and they all worked fine.

    Tiger does have "basic CD burning utilities": look at this page and then go halfway down to where it says "View size requirements for burn folders."

    If you're talking about burning audio CDs, that's built into iTunes.

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    That's a great site, thanks!

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    I say use any thing other than memorx. I tend to use Imation, Verbatim, Fujii and TDK.
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