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    Quote Originally Posted by Graphite
    Alright ive read enough stupid wrong answers.
    I agree with that...

    Click the following link to find a pretty complete history of Apple's operating systems, starting from the Apple I until OS X, including development stages that never went public:

    That should answer all questions about OS development.

    Now, about technical specs of older Apple computer, check:

    This information was found within seconds by simply google-ing... :cool:

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    Quote Originally Posted by technologist
    It's funny, but it's a hoax. It's been photoshopped; they took the steering wheel from something else.

    I have seen that pic posted many times over the last two years on PC Forums. It's like you say, a Photoshop job. It's not real. I am suprised it's being brought up again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by technologist
    It should be noted that that "DOS" was AppleDOS or ProDOS. No relation to MS-DOS or PC-DOS.
    Eventually there were external HDs...but they were very slow. Many people did use early versions of the Mac System software. System 1-5 were quite powerful for their time.

    yes, thank you technologist... useful response.
    something something motm...

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    Quote Originally Posted by danielbruzual
    Talking about the origins of computers I thought this would be appropiate.
    EDIT: Why does it have a steering wheel?
    Hehe, I saw that thing hanging in one of the school labs.

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