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    Apple shipping in the UK and order status page?
    I ordered a 12" iBook last Friday. I've been checking the order status
    page and this morning it is now showing shipped.
    However I have not received an email from apple to say so?

    So, I'm wondering who it is likely to ship with, where can I see the
    shipping/tracking information?
    There does seem to be an "invoice number" appeared on the page now, I dont think it was there earlier.

    As you can guess I'm keen to get my hands on the little blighter!

    Any advice welcome.


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    Well I decided to call them on the phone just now.
    They say it has shipped with a courier called ECF, they said
    it should be with me Friday, oh well I was hoping more for tomorrow, seems
    a long time seing as its in the UK?
    They gave me a tracking number but no website apparently to track.


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    Did you get any BTO options (bigger HDD, etc.)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alcoholica
    Did you get any BTO options (bigger HDD, etc.)?
    Nope I just took the standard 12"

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