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    Lightbulb MBA research help - How Apple employes help to Build Brand Trust
    Hello Everyone

    I am an MBA student at the University of Leicester, UK. My research is in the area of Brand Trust, specifically to understand how Apple store employees help to build trust in the Apple brand.

    I'm looking for people who could fill in a survey and/or give me an interview after visiting the Apple store. I have piloted the survey and it takes only 5 minutes to fill out (honest....I timed it! )

    The survey is aimed at customers that have/will visited an Apple store in the months of May until June 15, 2011. Your visit must have included a dialogue with an Apple employee. The conversation should have been about solving a problem you had or getting product information.

    I hope to find some of those 'Apple lovers' who can help me. Of course, I will provide a summary report to all who participate.

    Here is a link to the survey. Please complete it if you qualify.

    thank you and warm regards
    Anwar aka - LoveMac

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    Query: Would a phone call to their EPP sales dept count?
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    Hello , Yes a phone call to sales help qualifies.

    thank you for your help

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    Hello Everyone

    Thank you to those who have tried to help me. In order to get more responses, the survey is now open to anyone who has visited a store in the last year.

    best regards

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    Hello all

    I'm hoping for 75 more people to fill the survey please.

    If anyone is having a problem with the link, you may have to cut and paste it into
    your browser.

    thank you

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