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    Free installer software??
    I just got a mac, and im trying to install some programs that i downloaded from the internet, but i need an installer and i dont want to pay for it. anyone know where i can pick up some free installer software? stuffit isnt free anymore i guess, it used to be but now it costs like 40 dollars. any help is greatly appreciated. :cool:

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    there should be a free version of stuffit out there, check out

    installing programs is a lot different than in windows. for eg, to install firefox:
    download firefox
    open disk image it should put on your desktop
    drag the firefox icon into your applications folder and let it copy
    firefox is now installed

    this same basic process works with a lot, if not almost all, programs for macs. if it needs to be installed it will probably come with viseinstaller and run simply by doubleclicking.

    hope this helps
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    Stuffit should come with mac OS. Check your install CD.
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    Stuffit is no longer included starting with 10.4 and later.
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    That should be the free version right there.

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