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    Quick Help Needed

    I'm currently offshore stuck behind a system that has blocked me from downloading full tilt poker for my mac.

    Could someone please e-mail me the download from their main site Online Poker - Play Online at Full Tilt Poker Room and e-mail it to me so I can get some poker on my new macbook pro.



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    Wow! How big is that file? I don't have enough room, and I've got 36.8GB available! E-mail it to you? I don't think so. Besides that, it's not a good idea to leave your e-mail address posted on a public forum for too long. Good luck!

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    Won't work anyway. FullTilt never has the most current version on the download link and you can't get into the app to play without being able to update to the most recent version. Highly unlikely that whomever is blocking the site, would not have the actual game site blocked also.

    And Fulltilt makes too many changes/additions in system folders to grab a copy of the already installed copy from someone.
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    hm, perhaps try using a proxxy?

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    Quick Help Needed

    Hmmmm... like playing poker do we?

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    I'm sorry, but we probably shouldn't actively help you get fired.

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