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    Angry grrrrr
    Okay, so I drove up to Albuquerque and went to CompUSA to get my Panther. Well I was waiting for about 15minutes and finally got it.

    So now I get down to the checkout and I tell her I get it for $20 because I purchased the G5 and of course, they didn't know about this and the guy at the other checkstand said he gets his DVD-R's 10% off because he purchased Panther. Anyways, so they had the managers and the Mac Guy came down (gave me a mousepad, highlight of the evening). Anyways, come to find out I can't get Panther from them! I have to call Apple have them fax me an order form, fill it out then mail it to them.

    How freaking cheezy!


    No panther for me for awhile


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    Yup.. Apple needs to ship you your upgrade copy. They aren't providing Retail packages. Don't know how the Jaguar upgrade went, as I wasn't around then.
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