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    Question Google map problem
    I'm not quite sure how to describe this problem so please bear with me. Up until yesterday my Google maps appeared to be fine. Then last night I noticed something strange (after a family member had been on it looking for directions). Normally, when you do a search on an address, the result is the map showing you the location and to the left in the white area is the address you typed in. Above all of that is a light blue area that gives you options: Get Directions, My Map, and above the map portion: Print, Send, Link. For some reason, that entire blue strip of info is almost completely hidden. I can only barely see the tops of the lettering. It's like the map is overlapping it. Plus, the lettering in the white portion (to the left of the map) and up in the search box where you can type a new address is EXTREMELY tiny. How did this happen and how can I get it back to the way it was? I asked the person who was using the computer and they have no idea what they did, if anything. I would greatly appreciate someone's assistance with this. I'm using Firefox, on a Mac OS X version 10.5.8.

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    try changing your font size by pressing Apple+Shift+ + or -

    there is a little tab on the left side of the screen right by were it says "Get Directions" and "My Maps" that has 2 << on it. Click the << to hide the left margin and then click again to bring it back.

    if all else fails, in the menu bar click Safari>Reset Safari

    i am not sure how much of a technical person you are, but resetting safari will erase all of your cookies and you will have to log back in to all of your websites and add the security features that other websites install.


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