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Thread: 15 Biggest Flops In Tech For 2010- Business Insider

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    15 Biggest Flops In Tech For 2010- Business Insider
    A somewhat interesting read as they recap the year.

    The 15 Biggest Flops In Tech For 2010
     iPad Air 2 - iOS 9.3
     iPhone 6 64GB - iOS 9.3
     Mac mini early 2009 - OS X El Capitan 10.11.4
     MacBook unibody/white late 2009 - OS X El Capitan 10.11.4

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    Can't go wrong with that list, except for maybe ping. I actually like what other people are "liking" on their profiles in terms of music and other stuff. I wouldn't call it the apple version of facebook, but it's the best to me for what it itunes social gathering.
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    I was excited about Ping at first, until I realized that I'd probably one have like 1-2 people who'd I'd follow among friends. And I'm not really that into following artists' lives as much as others, much less on Twitter and FB.

    I'm happier with for the social music.

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    The BB Torch, Google Wave, Google TV, Google Buzz, the HP Slate and the Kin are all deserving of that list. It's interesting to see so much of Google on there only because they usually do so well with new products (or at reasonably so). Ping deserves to be there and although it may not have burned and crashed like some of the others, it definitely didn't become what I think Apple wanted it to become.
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    I agree with that list. Even the Ping thing. That was terrible for me right from the word go. I think they should kill it. The kin though by and far was the biggest flop of 2010.

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    Google is definitly trying to be everywhere, but seems like they're not always sucessfull.

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    Wow I haven't even heard of 5 of those things on that list. Must have bee really bad...>_>"

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    Ping is worthless until Apple better integrates it, especially on the mobile side, and makes it waaaaaay easier to find your friends. Like I don't know Google and Facebook integration.
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