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    Hulu Plus Simultaneous Streams
    In the future, my household is getting Hulu Plus. We are getting two devices that are Hulu Plus ready and a third one later on. I've read over Hulu Plus' Terms of Use, and you may only have one stream going at a time. I looked into it more, and I've seen some say they can get two streams going and some can't.

    Has anyone every tried having two streams going simultaneously? That'd be really nice to take advantage of that fluke.

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    Just tried it this morning. Had simultaneous streams playing on:

    Roku - watching Family Guy
    HTPC - watching The Good Guys
    MBP - watching 30 Rock

    Only left them all up and running for about 3-4 minutes. Still had good play back on all 3 devices also. No stuttering, out of sync audio , etc.

    And still have a lot of shows that can't be seen on the Roku or any mobile device. Tried Sons of Anarchy and Terriers last night. Neither of them showed up on the Roku even after placing them in my queue. So, still can't eliminate the HTPC directly connected to the TV.
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    Sweet, thank you so much for that bobtomay.

    In the near future, I have a feeling; I'll be hogging Hulu Plus pretty much the whole day. I didn't want to have to regularly fight others to watch my stuff!

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