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    I have my mini booting from an external HD, what if I tried to boot an iBook from it
    I am thinking about trying to sell the mini to get an iBook, actually I am pretty sure I am going to. I have my mini booting from an external HD, I have a feeling even if I try to back everything up I'll forget something so I figure I'll keep the drive around a bit longer. I want to know if an iBook could boot to this drive with no issues?

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    yes, as long as the drive can physically connect to the ibook via usb2 or firewire, whatever you're using.

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    I say maybe. Some of the files that are needed for the ibook may not be loaded. Since this is a Mac Mini load.
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    Create (2) partitions on the drive. Then backup your mini's important data/folders to partition #2. When you get your iBook, back it up (image) to partition #1 using CarbonCopyCloner. That way you'll have a valid boot partition for your iBook and your previous important data will be accessible. I don't think you can boot an iBook off of a mini image.

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    I'll probably just do the non-lazy thing and do a complete backup before I sell the mini.

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