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Thread: Fake facebook likes - removing of

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    Fake facebook likes - removing of

    As an idiot, I clicked on a like that a friend had recently clicked on. Yes I know. I really wish I hadn't. I don't click on likes normally.

    It turns out it is a fake lookalike, which then added me to another one automatically, and as it is fake it has no unlike button, and thus no way of removing it...!


    Is there another way of removing this like? Or a way of reporting it to facebook for them to remove it?

    Also, what are the security implications of this?

    Thanks very much



    Ok, after extensive googling I found a way -

    Profile, Info, edit likes and interests, show more pages, remove individual pages!

    Just thought I'd let others know if it comes up through google.

    (And I couldn't find a way to delete the post!)

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