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    Sister Mary Dracula online for October
    Just for the Halloween season, I've posted my entire 110-page graphic novel, "Sister Mary Dracula" at Sister Mary Dracula .

    It's been in the works for 4-1/2 years and I completed it this summer. I've been trying to scare up a publishing deal but I couldn't stand to let another Halloween go by without letting folks read it!

    It tells the story of Terry Malloy, a ten-year-old at St. Egregius the Stricter Catholic School, who is convinced that his teacher is a vampire and wants to drink his blood. Even his best friends Steven and Kenny think he's insane.

    SMD began as a Flash animation that I created in 2001. It gained an internet following and was selected for the 2004 San Diego Comic Con's Independent Film Festival. That exposure gave me the impetus for developing the graphic novel.

    There will be printed books for sale later in the month and I'll let you know when they're available, but selling books isn't really the point. I just thought it would be cruel to post the pages without offering books too!

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    Cool. Bookmarked, but had a browse. Nicely drawn.
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    Love the mustache on Sister Marry. It's very becoming. Definitely reminds me of my old Catholic school days. Especially with the ruler. Although it was actually a yard stick but I digress. >_>"

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    Thanks for the comments! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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