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    What happened here? Apple was WAY ahead of the curve with the iPod, then the iPhone and recently the iPad. But when it comes to TV, apple has completely dropped the ball. Which is completely mind-blowing considering iTunes and the app store's dominance. Apple has all the tools necessary to lead the competition into TV land, but seems content to let google run away with this one. Have you seen google TV?

    Google TV

    As a fresh new release, it has the underpinnings to put Apple TV and even the real Apple TV (mac mini) to shame right out of the gate: apps, PIP internet/TV, cable and satellite integration, ability to control with any enabled smartphone, integrated DVR... It really isn't a competition. Does anybody else just think its weird that Apple has put so little effort into TV? I'm still waiting on a half-way decent version of Frontrow/Lowtide with Netflix/Hulu/YouTube integration. This would make me happy, but still doesn't stand to compete with Google TV.

    Does anybody else share my frustration?

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    TV is not a specialty of Apple. I don't see them putting as much of their resources in Apple TV compared to their computer products, IPhone, IPod, etc.

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    Honestly, no im not disappointed. For one we do not know how much the google tv will cost. Now the google tv ends up bing 100 bucks then yes i will say i am a bit disappointed.

    You buy what you think you need. I for one dont really care to update my twitter and so forth on my tv. I have a phone for that. Why would I stop what i am watching to update? I will say I do wish the appleTV had hulu, but i dont really watch hulu that often so again it wasn't a deal breaker.

    There are some functions I would love to have, but the AppleTV does exactly what I need it to for the price.


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