iPhone 4 Retina Display matched by upcoming Sharp smartphone
AppleInsider | iPhone 4 Retina Display matched by upcoming Sharp smartphone
Sharp has challenged Apple's smartphone display reign by announcing an Android smartphone with the same resolution and dimensions as the iPhone 4's Retina Display.
Sounds great right? Well the devil is in the detail. Which the article here has left out. But some people on their forums decided to post. And I'll share this detail the article conveniently chose to not say.

Oh for god's sake.
9 mp on a device with the optics of a camera does nothing but produce huge files. When will people stop drooling over meaningless numbers?
I have an amp with an 11 on the volume dial to sell you.
In Japan only, but at what price? And why Android 2.1? What happened to Froyo and flash? Facetime? Inexpensive data plan? Voice and data concurrently? iTunes?
ASV is ASV, different from IPS. So, it's not the retina display, either.
So, what's happening to AppleInsider? Lousy reporting here.
"it goes to eleven". Love it. one of the best movie lines of all time.

and very poignant on this topic. How good is 9MP on a lens 1/4 the size of a dime?

on the topic of the Sony display. Big deal. anyone can match specs or play the specs game. No one is going to hands down beat an iphone for a while if ever really IMO.