A year ago I bought an iPod Mini 4gb (first Apple product). I soon needed more storage so I bought a 3rd Generation iPod 40gb sold the Mini. When the iPhone 3GS came out I bought that, kept the 40gb iPod. I wanted to play video on my iPod, so I bought an iPod Video 30GB and sold the 40gb one.

I accidently broke that one, so I sold it and bought a 60GB Video. I soon started liking the iPhone 2G design, so I sold my Video and bought an iPhone 2G while still keeping the 3GS. Soon I sold the iPhone 2G planning to buy an iPad but instead I bought myself an iMac 20" (first Mac). After that i got sick of the iPhone and bought a Classic 80gb but still kept the iPhone 3GS. Now I'm going to sell my iMac and I'm going to buy a Macbook Pro.

I now carry around an iPhone 3GS, iPod Classic 80gb and Macbook Pro around.

All this occured between last year and now.