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    Unhappy Hurricane Season...
    Hey everyone, I'm hoping this isn't the wrong place for a post like this... I'm a new member as of yesterday, so cut me a break if it needs to be moved

    I moved to Florida last year, just after Hurricane season... So I never got a real chance to see how nasty it can get. I grew up out west in Arizona, so all this water is completely new to me. I've been watching the weather, and more and more thinking about Hurricane Igor, as well as Julia. Should this be something I should be worried about? I know this sounds totally igorant, but I'm a little perplexed as to what exactly would happen if Igor WAS to hit FL. Currently it's at a category 4, but has the potential to change into a category 5. Julia is following right behind, and went from a level 1, to a level 4 over night. I live about 10 Miles from the beach, but about 300 yards from the river. Am I just being a paranoid android here? They say as of right now, land isn't really at risk right now... but it seems most of these natural disasters are always creepers. Any input from some experienced east coasters would help put my mind at ease. Again, if this is in the wrong place... I'm sorry!


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    As Bette Davis said in All About Eve. "Hang on! Its going to be a bumpy night!"

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    I've been through a few Hurricanes and Typhoons (far east) and they're pretty scary. Just be sure to follow the guidelines and directions from your local disaster preparedness agency. BTW, Florida has one of the best DP agencies in the US.

    The Stormpulse web site is a great place to follow TS and Hurricane movement and prediction. You'll see a colorful graph with tracks giving lat long. Check it out.

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    Makes you think just how serious the weather can be.

    Here in England, if a storm manages to take some tiles off some roofs in Birmingham, then that gets the national news. If a tornado damages a street its a big story - that's about the extent of any tornado here.

    Of course we get some extreme storms, and people get hurt and even killed but not on the scale that you people get.
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    I have experienced one up in northern aus (called cyclones here) and it got pretty bad but was very exhilarating.

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    If you are that close to the beach and it is going to make landfall at a Cat 4 or 5 I would definitely prepare to evacuate. I grew up on the east coast and hurricanes above a cat 3 that will make landfall in your area are nothing to mess around with. If I were you I would put all valuables as high as possible to avoid any flood damage should it occur. Just keep an eye on the track and heed the warnings.

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