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    Macintosh Website problems
    Im getting netscape for my 68k mac [macintosh classic ii] and i was wondering....

    wut websites you can go to. could you come to: or

    if i went to [a game] and the grafics where 3-D [witch they are] would it work?????? is there macintosh 68k websites out there???plz give me a hint. youy guys are the best without you i would never be able to work with my mac

    P.S.: anybody who read my last question with i lost my appleshafre icon in choooser and all that i fixed it !!!!

    P.S. 2: Im sorry im being such a pest askin all these questions and im sorry im laggy and ask sp many stuff . And im happy you still help me with my macintosh classic ii. thanks for helpin me.

    P.S. 3: On my user name is avater x

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    i dont know the answer to your problem but i recommend going to a new game.. runescape gets really boring!.. but if you LOVE it then you might wanna join my old clan.. just be like.. 60 + .. i forgot. their website is

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