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    Invited to Apple Hiring Seminar
    Hey guys,

    Like the thread says, I've been invited to participate in a Hiring Seminar for a Apple Retail position. The only three positions they are hiring for currently, is Apple Genius, Family Specialist, and Creative.

    I only applied for Genius, so I know I was recruited to interview for that position, I don't know about the others. Anyways, like any other young adult that is extremely happy about the good news, I researched, researched, and more research, to my findings, not getting enough information to what I need to look forward too. I registered at, got some Hiring Reviews by some people, but the down side is, most of those people were under the "Interviewed, No Offer" section, meaning they did not get a call back.

    Some background about me:

    Years of technical experience, web developer, programmer, and designer. I've been a Geek Squad agent for Two Years. I understand there is a fine line difference between apple and windows but someone advise that if I can diagnose computers, and sell, chances are, I can get the job. Which, is what I did at Geek Squad. Sell, sell, sell, and work on a computer or two.

    The questions:

    What am I looking at, at the Seminar? Some geniuses (remained anonymous) told me that if I ever want a call back, I need to stand out.

    What technical questions will be asked on the 20 question quiz? Multiple Choice, or My responses?

    What are Store Managers looking for?'

    I'm equipped with a mastered resume
    Surveys customers did about me in Best Buy
    Business Casual suit, with grey (couldn't find anything apple related.)
    and a outgoing personality.

    Everyone I know is wishing me luck, and praying for this. I have to beat the others, so I can find a foundation for a career, so I can support my family. All the information gathered will help.

    Note - I know Apple Geniuses are now allowed to say they are one, and post on forums, so if you want to remain anon, and private message me, please do so. don't even need to say where you work.

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    Congratulations! Me, too.
    Here's a helpful reply to my similar post yesterday...
    64GB iPhone 6, 64GB iPad Air 2.

    Reminder: Please include your Mac's specs. This will make it much easier for the other members to assist you.

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    I've heard you aren't allowed to participate in online forums while you are employed by Apple. I could be wrong...

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    What's the pay rate?

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