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    I got to see the theatrical trailer for this over the weekend when I went to see The Other Guys (which wasn't very good). I must say I'm very interested in seeing this movie when it comes out in October. I had heard they were coming out with this movie and thought that it might be good, but probably not. However, the trailer really gets to me and I wish it were out already. Somehow it's always fascinated me how one guy (supposedly) created this whole new trend (or way of life for some of us).

    Anyone else catch the trailer for this? I think Jesse Eisenberg could play the part of Zuckerberg very well.

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    That was the biggest let down when I went to see Inception.
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    I really can't bring myself to sit through two hours of a film about a website...
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    Quote Originally Posted by thedoc View Post
    I really can't bring myself to sit through two hours of a film about a website...

    I agree, But Aaron Sorkin did the screen play it might not be that bad.

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