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Thread: man arrested for using wide-open wifi AP

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    man arrested for using wide-open wifi AP

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    Ey3 D
    Wtf man, retarded.

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    If you are going to do something of questionable intent have the common sense to move every 30-45 minutes.

    Put another way "Man arrested for knowingly using a private connection without permission for multiple hours." If you don't think you are doing something wrong why hunch and hide when people pass.

    I have done war driving before and will do so again, but I have enough common sense not to squat for hours at the same spot. I suppose it is because I only map I don't use them. On the few occasions where I have been on the move and needed a quick connection I have done the unthinkable. Find an open WAP, knock on the door and ask if I could use it. It is amusing to see the reactions. I subscribe to T-Mobile hotspots and have a cellular internet access plan so this is not a common problem for me but it has happened.

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    if you dont secure it, then you are sharing it. the article said that most wireless set ups come with password protection. wireless routers come with instructions that tell you how to set it up. ignorance is bliss, i guess. the other thing that got me was that they made an analogy about sharing out microsoft products. in order to share microsoft products, you have to have a serial. that would mean that you knowingly gave the serial to someone to use. so that really cant be related to someone not using encryption on there wireless network and sharing out there connection unknowingly. i can see where this law is beneficial, but if he was not doing something unlawful over the internet he should be be prosecuted.

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    Let's say I park my car on a busy city street. I leave all the doors open, the keys in, and the engine running. If somebody gets in and drives off, what do you think the police are going to say? "Yes sir, you were doing nothing wrong, and this is not your fault in any way!"

    Let's not be ridiculous; most of the fault lies with the person who failed to secure their network. Just like locking your car, secuiring a WAP should be COMMON SENSE today.
    Example: I live in the boondocks and my nearest neighbor is well outside the range of any WPA I set up, and I STILL use a rotating encryption on my network! I also lock my car in the garage at night.
    "Luck favors the prepared"

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    If you needed an internet connection, why would you part out in front of someone's house when there are businesses that willingly provide it for free.

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