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Thread: So Im here because of my wife...

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    So Im here because of my wife...
    Hello everyone!
    About 2 years ago, when I bought an Iphone to my elder son, my wife started freaking out with all sorts of Apple things.
    I had to get her a huge iMac screen so she wouldn't dump me, and then a MacAir, and recently an iPad.
    Only Apple thing I had was an old iPod which I still love, and I hope I can get more out of it with my new MacBook Pro 13".

    All I think about now is throwing my old Toshiba to some lame windows user's head.!

    Im sure I will read a lot more than I write in this forum because I still don't know anything at all about Macs, but Im starting to love the layout and the simplicity that it transmits...

    Im from Spain, im a pharmacist, married, father of 2, and my wife has too much spare time.
    Hope I fit inside this community.!

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    Since you're a recent switcher (despite already giving Apple many Euros), I'd suggest you put any questions you have in the Switcher's Hangout subforum.

    Enjoy your new MBP 13"!

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    Hehe, Welcome to M-F!

    Didn't you know? The only virus that you can get with Mac's is that you need more and more Apple products.
    Use the reputation system if a post helps you!
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    The next sentence is true. The previous sentence is false.

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    Will you fit? Probably if your wife does not find your posts!

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    Lol. Funny story about your wife. At least you know what type of bribery works with your her.

    Anyway welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay.

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    If you have an ipod, you will love how easy it is to organize your music now Honestly everything is so much simpler with a mac

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    Aug 12, 2010
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    Thanks for the warm welcome guys!
    So far it has been really helpfull.
    Got my videos, mail, photos and everthing working now!
    Still got lots to learn


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    haha..nice story and welcome to mac-forums.
    think differently

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