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    Wiring DSL and Phone lines ... help.
    I'm trying to wire my small business up for telephone and DSL.
    The phone company is installing the Network Interface Device (NID) on Thursday, and I have to have all the wiring done before they get there.

    I have 3 lines, lines 1&2 are phone, and line 3 is DSL. I've decided to put lines 1&2 on one Cat5e, and the DSL on it's own Cat5e. I've run the 2 Cat5e cables from where the NID will be to a little expansion board in the office. I've also run cables from the expansion board to 3 other locations where I'm going to have phone and internet.
    (Sorry if this is a bit wordy.)

    Now because it's 3 phone lines I bought RJ-11(6p4c) plugs, and matching jacks. My question is how do I figure out what pin holes the twisted pairs go into. I can't figure it out at all, and I can't find anything that makes sense online.

    The wiring of the RJ-11 plugs, jacks, and expansion board is what I'm looking for.

    By the way this is the expansion board I have: Leviton 1x6 Cat5E Voice and Data Expansion Board - R10-47603-0C5 at The Home Depot

    (I've done this a few times for only ethernet and RJ-45 jacks ... it was much, much easier.)

    Thanks for reading and for help.

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