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    Stock Market
    So now that I've had a steady job for a year, I'm thinking about putting in around $1000 into the stock market to see what I can do. Probably leave the money in for 5-10 years. I was looking into mostly technology stocks right now since those stocks are the only thing interesting to me. Companies like Red Hat, Cisco, VMWare are all relatively cheap and predicted to do well in the next few years or so.

    I thought about splitting it into two different stocks and was wondering if it would even be worth it to buy two shares of Apple's stock? It's so expensive right now, but it's still predicted to do well over the years. From what I've been reading is that Apple will continue to grow and their stock will go up even more.

    Anyone have any advice? Any others out there in the stock market and doing well?

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    Microsoft stock. Haha! But seriously, this is something I've been thinking about lately too.
    Their stock has dipped to a reasonable price in the last few years. With several upcoming smart phones running Windows Phone 7 and their inevitable move into tablets, it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see Microsoft's stock jump.
    Also Yahoo! is in a similar situation. Stock prices have dropped in the last few years but they could easily make some moves to be competitive enough again to see gains. Although, that may take more than just the one year you're looking to invest.

    Of course, I'm no expert and this is merely speculation. So take it as just that.
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    Guest do have a point with Microsoft. I would expect their stock to continue to rise also with Windows 7 out now. Just so many hard choices out there haha. That and the fact that I don't have a lot of money to put in the stock market right now.

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