Hi everyone,
im currently in a hotel in london with nothing to do for a few days and i happen to have my xbox with me. i have the xbox 360 wireless adapter but unlucky for me the hotels internet is via an ethernet cable.

i have connected my xbox to xbox live via my mac before by bridging the macs connection, plugging an ethernet cable from the mac to the xbox, and putting some settings into the xbox and it would work fine.

now i have to connect my mac to the internet using an ethernet cable, and pretty much use my mac as a wireless router. i turned on internet sharing from ethernet to computers using airport, and my iphone and my brothers macbook connect fine with no problems, but my xbox finds the network but cannot obtain an ip address and therefore wont connect to LIVE. i have tried putting in the same settings as i did when i did it via ethernet and it didnt work.

and obviously it wont work if i connect the ethernet cable from the wall directly into the xbox as i have to navigate through the hotels home page first...

any suggestions would be great! thanks