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    Silly electrical shops in Tenerife Story so be warned
    hey all

    just came back from Tenerife and out there they have loads of electrical stores that look dodgey (they are). My first encounter was that i needed a memory card reader desperatly and as there was no were else to buy one i decided to give it a shot. first time use great all moved over to my netbook second use it deleted all my photos went back and swapped for another which worked in the shop fine but when i tried the next day same again.

    First bad point.

    Second i know the camcorders and cameras they sell are dodge but when they said £25 for a sony camcorder i thought i'll see what his trying, he should me the camcorder and it all worked fine so i tried to see if there was a hook. i said "yes, very nice i always wanted one" he said ok which i get all the warranty and guide printed off let me show you more.
    We went to the back where he has a tv set up and said let me show you how this camera works in low light, the picture was bad it was like looking at shadows on a black wall, i thought this was strange as the like in here was normal shop lighting so i knew this would lead some where. i said to him oh so i can only film outside is there not one semilar which works inside, then he pulls out the funniest thing i every saw he pulls out a yashica (now i have never heard of them but my dad said he had when i told him)


    he said that the Yashica back in London is priced at £1000 which i thought wow costs more then my Canon HV20 when he plugged it into the TV yes the picture was much better as this wasent a dodge but the image was over saturated. so my plan was to haggle and then get out with out paying anything. So the haggle begain and after a few tax and vat being taken off he got down to £170, " wow oh my gosh, a £1000 camera for £170 must be my lucky day" he said this is only price for you my friend i thought oh yeah get conned with a bit of crap. so i said i was extreamly interested and would get the money out and come back, the guy said he would drive me to the bank or my hotel to get it and do it there and then oooooh someones very clever.....but my friend i'm more cleaver i said to myself so in reply i said i need to get my girlfriend to get the money out and shes shopping at the moment so i can come Back and my girlfriend my want to buy one for her father, all I say was doller signs in his eyes and he started rushing me out the shop to go and find her and bring he back.

    Well that was my lucky escape but it was hilarious that this guy dropped his price so quickly and tried to offer my something I never heard of over a sony.

    If you fancy having a laugh go and try it but remember donít hand any money over and they may not give it back, I was lucky to see the show for free lol.

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    Oddly enough I had a similar experience in Chinatown last week when I was in San Francisco - these sellers will try literally anything to make you buy a replica iPod

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