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    Do more recent Macs break down more quickly than older Macs?
    (I'm not sure where to post this, it is Mac-related, but it doesn't seem to go in any other category)

    The last three Macs we've bought (first gen. MacBook, 2 Ghz G5, 400 mhz G3 iMac) have each had to go be repaired at least once (both the 2 Ghz G5 and the iMac have had to go to the repair shop twice, and the iMac currently has some weird problems, like it sometimes thinks some of the keys on the keyboard are being pressed, when they aren't...we don't actually use the iMac anymore!). In contrast the previous computer, a PowerMac 7300/200 (bought in 1997) hasn't needed to go in for repair yet (to be fair we don't really use it that often, but until we got the G5, it was used fairly often). Our previous computer, the Mac Plus, lasted for something like 12-13 years (and it was used fairly regularly) before it broke down.

    I know this is anecdotal, based on extraordinarily small sample size, but I wonder about other people's experiences when it comes to Macs breaking down--whether more recent Macs are likely to fall apart at a younger age, than older Macs.

    (Here's a question: if one is concerned about the longevity of a computer, is it better to put the computer to sleep, or shut it down? I know it probably depends on how frequently one uses it....but we generally keep the 7300 asleep, rather than shut down, even through I only use it at night (to play Spaceward Ho!) that a dumb idea?)

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    I can speak for the MacBook or the G3 (which is not a "New" Mac), but the G5s were plagued with issues all the way through.

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    I hate to say it...but when someone says that they have had 3 Macintosh computers..and have had problems with all three...two situations are possible:

    1. Statistically the chances of this happening are very very this would be VERY unfortunate for the owner of these 3 Mac's.
    2. The owner or owners of these 3 Mac's are abusing them in some way. Remember..."abuse" is relative. What I or others think is may not...and that's why these Mac's are not being reliable or abused.

    But if someone was to ask me the question (in general) are newer Mac's or older Mac's more reliable. It sort of depends on the model line. G3, G4, G5, Intel or laptop vs. tower vs. iMac.

    Of all these...I would say the G5 line had lower reliability...and the iMac G5's maybe being the worst. That's not saying iMac G5's can't be reliable (dtravis)...but they were just less reliable than the average.

    I would also say most newer Mac's are reliable. Probably as reliable as Mac's were 10 years ago. All computers have their problems...and a certain percent of all computers manufactured will have problems...nothing is perfect!

    - Nick
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    I have never had any problems with any electronic, windows, mac, playstation, phone, anything!! People who have all these problems, let them overheat, miss treat them, don't know what there doing.. etc...

    You have to be very unlucky to treat something right and it break.

    But they do say "they don't make em like they used to"
    Thanks, Eddie
    Software Engineering Student, NTU

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    i have a 17" iMac G5 that i have had since 2006. i have never had a problem with it. it still runs. i've left it on for months at a time, very lightly used photoshop cs3, and i have never had a problem. Maybe i was one of the lucky one that got a good one?

    to add to that, the iBook G4 i once had did have a slight screen problem and my wife's 1st Gen MacBook's HDD died.

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    Yes, I think they do. (I think this goes for all personal computers, not just Macs.)

    Then again, an iMac costs $1200 in 2010 dollars.
    A Power Mac 7300 would have cost $2700 in 1997 dollars, not including display, or about $3600 in today's dollars. That's three iMacs.

    A Mac Plus in today's dollars would be over $5000.

    So if you want the same level of reliability, just buy three computers.

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    Well, technologist... kind of. The cost of manufacturing and of parts has gone down a lot. Really though, Your iMac G3 isn't much more recent than the 7300.

    Another reason is simply more wear on the parts... 3GHz > 300MHz and the temperature of the chip will reflect that.

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    Two that come to mind are the iBook G3 with video card problems and the 15in aluminum Powerbooks with the lower ram slot issue.

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    I have noticed that when Apple started putting the Intels into their computers, there has been a wide range of issues with the Macbooks and MBPs. I chose to buy Mac at that time, and I went through 3 Macs, all with video card problems, and all within 1 year. That wavered my faith in buying a Mac, but I stuck with it and am still happy, despite what happened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mknabster View Post
    I have noticed that when Apple started putting the Intels into their computers, there has been a wide range of issues with the Macbooks and MBPs. I chose to buy Mac at that time, and I went through 3 Macs, all with video card problems, and all within 1 year. That wavered my faith in buying a Mac, but I stuck with it and am still happy, despite what happened.
    I had an issue with the vram on the video card when MacBook Pros were using
    ATI along with a lot of other people but since they have gone to NVIDIA that
    has slowed down reported failures. If you look hard enough you may find other
    mfg's were having the same problems with the 1600 series video card.

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