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    i dont have no mac's
    Free iPod Mini with purchase of Mac (from website)
    i know the whole 'get banned for free ipod schemes' but this is from so i beliee it cant get any more legit than this:

    Buy a Mac. Get a free iPod mini. And with your everyday student discount save up to $479.* But act now. This offer is good only through September 24, 2005.
    Here's how:

    Shop for your Mac.
    The following computers qualify for this offer: all PowerBook models, all iMac models, all Power Mac models, and all iBook models excluding the 12-inch iBook CD.
    Shop for your iPod.
    You can choose a 4GB iPod mini in any color. Or purchase a 6GB iPod mini, 20GB or 60GB iPod, or a 20GB iPod U2 Special Edition and save $179 after mail-in rebate.
    Send in the rebate coupon.
    Download the rebate coupon. After you receive your order, just follow the instructions on the form and mail it in and you'll receive a check from Apple for $179.
    Now start enjoying your new Mac, new iPod and all
    that extra cash you saved.
    *Your everyday student discount entitles you to big savings throughout the Apple Store as much as $300 on a new Mac. This special offer saves you an additional $179 on a new iPod.

    i just wish i knew about this 5 days ago when i ordered my powermac...hopefully i can still manage this deal
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    i dont remember

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    Note this is only for College/High School Teachers, and College Students
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    Thats better than the $100 MIR for Students that ended last week. I need a new mini.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trpnmonkey41
    Note this is only for College/High School Teachers, and College Students
    darn. i wish i qualified.

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    Crap, wish they had this a couple weeks ago when I bought my imac!

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