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    Mid-year resolution....
    With July almost half over, I decided to make a mid-year resolution. I resolve that when I begin to get sick, if it has not cleared up in a couple of days, I will GO TO THE DOCTOR! I let an severe ear ache go unattended for a week and a half before I finally went to the doctor yesterday. Now, what should have been a simple ear infection, is now an infection that has spread down through my jaw and into the lymph nodes in my neck. This hurts more than having hot pork fat poured in your shoe (been there, done that too).

    I do believe that I have learned my lesson on this one the hard way. Dummy will go to the doctor when necessary. I am, after all, one of the lucky ones who does still have health insurance.

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    Mid-Year resolutions are a great idea.

    I need to save more money and get new tires for my car.

    That's my mid-year resolution.
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    Well, hopefully you caught it in time so that it doesn't even get any worse.

    Kind of reminds me of the time 10 years ago when I had pain in my abdomen ... well, after three days, you start to wonder whether it's more than just a stomach ache. Turned out I had to get my appendix removed, and it was a darn close call.

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